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We’re looking for skilled female writers who can write captivating blog posts about their experiences in the tech industry. Our purpose as a company is to empower, inspire and connect women entrepreneurs and women in tech using 100% female created content.

We’re looking for bloggers who are comfortable writing as a guest blogger for us. Maybe you’re looking to increase your viewers or just getting started as a blogger. Writing guest posts for iGirlTech is a great way to do both!

We have different subjects that you can write about if you are interested.

  • In The Trenches: Your experience as a women in tech or using tech. You should write about your personal experience!
  • Tech Reads:  Have you recently read a great tech related book? If so, we’d love to see a review of the book and why our audience should give it a read.
  • First Job: Did you recently start your first job in technology or in a professional capacity using technology? We want to hear all about your experiences.
  • Security Online: This can be anything from the difficulties of online security to advice on how to stay secure on the internet. You can write from a personal or business perspective as it relates to internet security
  • Start-up Advice: Maybe you work for a start-up or you’ve decided to begin your own start-up. We’d love to hear about your experiences and advice from both angles.

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