About iGirl

What We Do: iGirl inspires through its videos, including interview segments of other women in tech, and through its online content by showing a female perspective on technology and entrepreneurship. We empower by sharing advice from female entrepreneurs, coders, and other women in technology. We support you by providing educational and informative content; and by forging links to women-in-tech groups across the globe.

Who We Are: iGirls are women who are in or have their eye on the tech industry, startups or entrepreneurship. We’re independent, goal oriented, passionate, courageous, and open-minded with a bit of a rebel side!

Why iGirl is Important: Groups to help women in technology are starting to show up everywhere – which is awesome! Unfortunately, the tech-media still lacks a female voice. We’re on a mission to change that. iGirl Tech is 100% female created content! We give a voice to women in tech everywhere.

Why Tech Companies Should Care: Studies have shown that adding women to a team automatically increases the overall team IQ. Adding women to a team also increases overall team collaboration, productivity, and effectiveness. It’s really the tech industry that suffers from a lack of women contributing.

iGirl Values:

1. We approach all situations with passion: Knowledge, Love, Action

2. Everything we do must be empowering, informative,entertaining and have a female perspective

3. We are quirky, imperfect, loving, passionate, compassionate, and intelligent

4. We are passionate about seeing a greater female presence in the world of technology

The Team


Serena – Co-Founder

Serena’s inspiration for iGirlTech: 3 teensy nieces who play with trucks and dolls with equal relish. Her biggest motivator, that they grow up in a world where our choices are not limited by gender — from the toys we play with to the career options that are open to us. She is a learning junkie, starting with undergrad and grad school from the Wirtschafts Uni (Economics) in Vienna (Austria) to Mount Holyoke to KU Leuven (Belgium), and a couple of others along the way.

Now her inbox is perpetually full of reminders from MOOCs, to every other online learning platform imaginable, esp. Creative Live.  Her work experience extends from corporate America acronyms (including PwC and BofA) to startups to running a design and strategy agency.  She is a big believer that everyone, at some point in their lifetimes, should: 1) study abroad and 2) take apart an engine.



Tony – Co-Founder

A Gen X’er who’s been writing code since the wee age of eight, his first digital masterpieces, inspired by his Dad, began on the Tandy computer. His love affair with tech evolved into starting a web development company in the 90s at twenty-two when you could create something incredibly cool with nothing more than Netscape and Notepad! After several years of building websites, selling computers and training other techies, he loaded up the proverbial wagon and moved cross country to the West Coast where he ran a marketing company, taught technology to high school students (in Eugene, OR) and worked for a family wealth system in LA. He’s currently working at a software start-up that creates dynamic web-based apps for the real estate industry.

Tony’s inspiration to start iGirlTech started with a hackathon in Las Vegas. He learned from many of the very few women there how tough the going is right now navigating through the tech world as a woman. Repeatedly hearing women’s voices expressing that the current media is part of the problem has set him on a determined mission to reverse that direction.



Mercedes – Community Manager

Passionate, eager, and hardworking, Mercedes’ plans include majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management/Marketing at the University of Portland, and then pursuing a career that would give her the power to bring together young minds in order to create a better world. In her free time you can find her, with one eye set on Australia, researching other exciting places that she wants to travel to or watching the latest crime shows. Her inspiration is her Mom, an IT Manager and the family go-to repair-person, from whom Mercedes has been mastering the art of FIY (Fix-it-Yourself).


 Helping Make iGirl Awesome:

Christie Insley

Experience Advisor

Susan Hinton

Content Advisor

Patty Rappa
Marketing Advisor

Kat Yalung
Social and PR Advisor
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Zoe Muntaner
Social, PR and Investor Advisor
Candidate for Santa Monica City Council



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