Six Reasons to Plan a Career in Technology

Women are underrepresented in today’s exciting and growing field of Information Technology. Come join us and make a difference in the world now. There are as many reasons as there are website to get involved with tech. Here are my top six.

  1. Make a difference. Everything runs on technology today and there is a growing global shortage of technology workers.
  2. Create new products and technologies to meet men AND women’s needs. Most products today are created by males, but you can help create exciting new products or services that today’s women and market want and need.
  3. Build a career that comes with hugely unlimited opportunities for growth, challenge and satisfaction. You can try out different areas of technology and move around to learn and grow.
  4. Build financial stability for the future. Pay in a technology career is lucrative and opportunities great. Give yourself a solid foundation for your life.
  5. Build your own business — become an entrepreneur. You can choose your path to success if you desire to own and manage your own business. Many choices exist to reach this exciting destination.
  6. Increase diversity within the companies that serve diverse customer bases. Women make up half the workforce and numbers consistently show that women make a majority of buying decisions for their families. Step up for an opportunity to share with the rest of the market what you know they want and need in products and services.

Create your own path to success: Talk to your family, school faculty, friends and people already employed in technology to gain insights into options for a technology career. Ask for your school to arrange for women in IT speakers to come and present to your class about the diversity of opportunities open to you.

Post By:
Debbie Christofferson, CISSP, CIPP/IT, CISM 
International Board of Directors, Information Systems Security Association 
CISO Advisory Council Chair (ISSA) 
ISSA Distinguished Fellow (

Photo by Dean Johnson