5 Groups For Women To Learn Code

The movement for better representation of women in technology has been spreading fast, which also means all sorts of support groups and communities have been popping up that are part of the change and teach skills like programming.

If you’re looking to pick up some new skills, especially computer programming, you don’t have to feel alone and overwhelmed with these five groups aimed at teaching young women how to code. Or, if you’re already proficient in programming, you can still show your support for these groups by spreading the word or pointing friends to these amazing resources.

Ladies Learning Code
With their extensive classes and resources, Ladies Learning Code has become a de facto source in helping young women and girls technical skills in a supportive, collaborative environment. From events on teaching HTML and CSS to the WordPress basics, do check them out!

The amazing ladies behind she++, pronounced she-plus-plus, started off their community as a women in tech conference at Stanford. But the support and outpouring was so great that she++ has become a place to empower women in computer science and spreading the word on learning technical skills, too.

Girls Who Code
Most of the disinterest in science and technology in young women starts in school, which is why Girls Who Code has made it their mission to help high school girls break up stereotypes and get interested in code. If you’re in high school and want to learn a very valuable skill or know a young women interested in technology, this is a invaluable resource and community.

Women 2.0
This group is for the career women looking for a supportive community and resource on technical skills and start-up advice. They provide a job board, meet-ups, and everything you need to be a power player in the tech scene.

The PyLadies
Okay, this isn’t general knowledge on programming but is instead learning a certain language, in this case Python. PyLadies helps women learn about the open source programming language that can be applied to all sorts of applications and technical projects in a friendly community.

There are several other groups out there helping women kick butt in technology, but this is a great list to start with. Are there any recommendations you would add to the list?

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