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Making Minecraft Tasty

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Minecraft is a classic sandbox game that many people young and old seem to enjoy. It’s great for creative people who love to build and explore. It’s also a great time-killer! It’s not quite as time-sucking as Skyrim, but it’s pretty close in my opinion.

After having dumped more hours than I can count into the game, I started to get a little bored. I found myself running out of things to do; wanting to discover new territories on new worlds. Then it occurred to me – I was still running vanilla Minecraft and there had to be some flavor out there. If you’re wondering what I mean by vanilla, it means that no mods (modifications) have been installed.

Luckily, when it comes to Minecraft, there’s a plethora of mods available. I decided to give the Technic Launcher a try and I’m finding it’s pretty dang awesome. It currently has 7 official modpacks filled with dozens of different mods to add some spice and extra entertainment to your game. From portal guns to modular power-suits, these mods have it all. One of their most popular packs, “Tekkit” is my personal favorite. It gives you the opportunity to travel to the moon – and even mars – and set up little bases in blocky-space. It’s perfect for space nerds like myself!

Here are a few links to get you going:

I have to admit, it gets pretty addicting. Even if you somehow get bored with all 7 modpacks available, there are more than 4000 user-created packs! It’s a never-ending black hole of procrastination, but it’s so worth it!

Image By BagoGames