Manos Accelerator selects another 7 Latino startups

Manos Accelerator has selected its next class of Latino-owned startups. They include everything from wearables, games to payments and more.


Manos Accelerator has selected its next batch of Latino startups, and they are listed below. As you recall, Manos partners with Google for Entrepreneurs, and helps Latino-owned startups take their products to the next level. We recently interviewed CEO Edward Avila about his work, especially since less than 1% of venture-backed startups are founded by Latinos.

Bandbazaar (San Jose, CA): Bandbaazar connects music enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels — It is a web app that’s pioneering a new way for people to convert their skills, musical instruments & gear and space into a source of income.  Represented by:  Alex Murillo and Sophia Boettcher

CoupleCare (Mexico City, Mexico): CoupleCare is the first app platform guide to fertility.  It allows couples to track, monitor and manage monthly menstrual cycles together as a team.  Represented by: Alonso Salcido, Sebastián Abramowicz and Alfredo Reyes

Cycle Money (Guayaquil, Ecuador):  Cycle Money is a web and mobile application that helps people to recycle their electronic waste.  It connects directly the recyclable elements from people’s e-waste with the recycle companies, redefining in this way, the Urban Mining.  Represented by: Luis Bajaña (Palo Alto, CA / Bogotá, Colombia): is an Internet platform that allows users create questions to leaders, organizations or people of influence.  By supporting these questions, they become relevant, inspiring leaders to provide answers.  Represented by: Alejandro Quintero

FashionTEQ (Aliso Viejo, CA):  FashionTEQ is a fashion-forward, wearable technology company, created Zazzi, a smart and stylish jewelry collection that allows women to remain connected to their smartphone.  This stunning line of smart jewelry disguises your tech as a fashionable accessory and offers a discreet way to stay connected while allowing you to leave your phone inside a purse, bag or back pocket.  Represented by: Judy Tomlinson and Nancy Banuelos

My Bigame (Bogotá, Colombia):  My Bigame is a company that innovates, so does your API users to bet on your favorite platform game in multiplayer mode. My Bigame is the unique system that offers the possibility of realizing bets in way multiplayer in different games and different platforms. Represented by: Jesus Contreras, Roger Diaz, Jorge Meneses and Armando Saenz

saySquare (Tegucigalpa, Honduras):  saySquare is a payments platform that allows fast social electronic transfers and lets small business accept money using mobile devices as POS.  Represented by: Cristian Garner, Leonardo Amador, Wilfredo Guevara and Armando Alvarado.

Congrats to all the startups selected!

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