Retrieve Deleted Items From Exchange Server

This post is based off of the assumption that your exchange server holds old emails for an entire month. Below are the directions to retrieve old emails off of the server in Outlook 2010.

1. Open up outlook.

2. Click on the folder you would like to restore deleted items to. For this example, I will be using my inbox.

Retrieve Deleted Emails_1

3. Click on the folder tab.

Retrieve Deleted Emails_2

4. Click on the icon with the label “Recover Deleted Items”.

Retrieve Deleted Emails_3

5. Select the deleted messages you would like to recover from the recover deleted items pop up window.

Retrieve Deleted Emails_4

6. After selecting your messages, click on the recover deleted items icon (see image below).

Retrieve Deleted Emails_5

7. Now look through the folder you selected to verify these messages have been restored. If successful, then you should be able to find them with ease.

Header image by Nikita Kashner

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