When should you email someone twice?

When should you email someone twice, if you don’t get a response?

Almost always.

I’m collaborating with someone on a project. On Sunday he sends me an agenda over e-mail. I see the e-mail, but get caught up with other work. On Monday, he follows up with a facebook message. Please confirm. Is that too much? No.

Would I have done that, though?

Last week, I signed up for an online dating site. There’s one guy who looks interesting – studying astrophysics. In his spare time, he travels with Engineers without Borders. We exchanged a few messages. Then I stopped replying. So he messaged me again. Twice.

Would I ever do that?

I don’t think girls like to ask twice. We’re supposed to be mysterious and alluring. Attract, don’t apply.

That’s all well and good, in an English town in the 18th century. It’s not the way business works. Actually, I’m pretty sure most of life today won’t work like that. You need some hustle!

And I think women in particular have a difficult time sending those follow-up messages. A reminder: it’s not personal. And hey, if it is personal, you have nothing to lose anyway.

If an e-mail requires an action, such as a thoughtful response or the composition of an agenda— and you are not a paying client— it’s very likely that I’ll make a mental note to respond later today. And we all know how that goes.

So, ready to up your follow-up game?

Try these three e-mail plug-ins to make it easier.

Do I even have the right e-mail address?

Rapportive solves that problem. If you have the right e-mail address, the person’s profile will pop up in the right side bar.

Did they get my e-mail?

Boomerang will send your e-mail back to you if no one replies. So at least one person remembers. Great for casual use.

Yesware lets you know if and when someone opened your e-mail. It is a bit too intense for your personal life, but if you’re running business development or sales, it’s key.

Now, how much is too much? Three times.

Most things are worth following up on once. New business contacts are worth following up on twice. But if someone isn’t interested in what you are saying after three attempts, let it go and focus your energy elsewhere.

 Image By:Horia Varlan

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