Discovering My Inner Techie

Artists. Social Workers. Gamers. Writers. These are all people who should be interested in computer science. In college, there were so many things I wanted to major in, it was hard to manage. I even started out in pre-med. That was misguided, but that’s OK. I ended up in the art department, with a concentration […]

Making Minecraft Tasty

Minecraft is a classic sandbox game that many people young and old seem to enjoy. It’s great for creative people who love to build and explore. It’s also a great time-killer! It’s not quite as time-sucking as Skyrim, but it’s pretty close in my opinion. After having dumped more hours than I can count into […]

When should you email someone twice?

When should you email someone twice, if you don’t get a response? Almost always. I’m collaborating with someone on a project. On Sunday he sends me an agenda over e-mail. I see the e-mail, but get caught up with other work. On Monday, he follows up with a facebook message. Please confirm. Is that too […]

You’re just a girl, you wouldn’t understand

It’s funny how often I hear things like “You’re just a girl, you wouldn’t understand” when I try to join in a conversation about techie things or video games. It’s frustrating when I hear a group of my guy friends talking about a game that was just released or the good ol’ “Xbox vs. PlayStation” […]

The Many Ways to Waze

The world of smartphone applications is a varied and confusing one.  But so is the world of LA traffic.  That’s why I use Waze.  Surprisingly, not a ton of people have heard of it. For me, the consummate commuter, it’s a life-saver. Which Waze should I go? Purchased by Google in June of last year, […]

5 Groups For Women To Learn Code

The movement for better representation of women in technology has been spreading fast, which also means all sorts of support groups and communities have been popping up that are part of the change and teach skills like programming. If you’re looking to pick up some new skills, especially computer programming, you don’t have to feel […]

Adventures at the Northwest Regional Women in Computing Conference

Co-Writer: Alexandrea Yoong LinkedIn “Alexandrea’s goals are to pursue an MS degree in Computer Science and work to program games and more widely accessible educational software or applications that encourage younger students, particularly girls and underrepresented minorities, to explore and pursue STEM careers.” Co-Writer: Nicole Lewey LinkedIn I am a Computer Science major with Mathematics […]

How women are taking over social media

Thank you Alex Hillsberg for this awesome article and Infographic! Recent independent studies made by Pew, Nielsen, and Burst Media told us what we already suspect in our list of friends and followers: there are more women in them. But that’s not just the point of these studies. Buried in the data are two significant […]

Women in Tech – It’s a Media Problem

Maybe it’s good luck; I’m not sure. I’ve only been in the content creation game for a short time and the people I’m meeting are pretty amazing. Cooper Harris is no exception and was exceptionally fun to talk to. She was kind enough to sit down with me between events at the AT&T Developer Summit. […]